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What is GravyStack? | Accelerating Financial Independence in a Fun Way


Game. Learn. Earn.

Parents are super busy. Finding enough time to teach your kids about how money works might not make it to the top of your list as often as you'd like. That’s where we can help. Unlike other banking apps on the market for kids, GravyStack does more than teach kids how to spend money. It empowers kids to become the hero of their own financial story.

  • Autonomous learning: Help your kids learn essential life skills through independent play.
  • Real banking: Kids gain access to real FDIC-insured checking and savings accounts and a debit card backed by Mastercard.
  • Education that’s fun: Kids learn to make and manage their money through fun-to-play games set in the world of Windfall.
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Empower kids to earn their own money.

GravyStack lets kids watch the money flow through their Money Machine into their Save, Spend, and Share Jars. Seeing the flow of money from beginning to end is what helps kids understand and manage it with confidence. The financial stability this skill gives kids is what allows them to grow up and create their most meaningful and fulfilled life.

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Money Machine

The Money Machine is like a piggy bank on steroids where kids can see the flow of all their money in one place. Money flows into Save, Spend, and Share Jars. How much money goes into each Jar is controlled by the Jar’s percentage setting, which kids set up, but parents always get to approve.

  • Save Jar: Kids learn the value of saving by working towards real, tangible goals.
  • Spend Jar: The Spend Jar is connected to your child’s GravyStack debit card. Kids place a percentage of their earnings in the Spend Jar, which they can independently spend on things they want and need. Parents, don't worry. You can easily turn the card on and off in-app if the card ever gets misplaced or lost.
  • Share Jar: A portion of each dollar kids earn goes into their Share Jar and can be used to support the charity of their choice. Any U.S. charity in good standing can be selected.

Get started with GravyStack today.

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