GravyStack: Investor Shout-Outs

Nov 09, 2022
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Introducing GravyStack: a sophisticated banking and gamification engine that incentivizes kids and teens to creatively earn and manage their money with several levels of skill-building, mini-games, and real-world challenges.

Launching in mid-2022, GravyStack was founded by two parents and serial entrepreneurs—Scott Donnell and Travis Adams.

Their collaboration began after they each personally faced the challenge of how to teach their kids about money. Neither of them liked the idea of an allowance, believing that it trains children to expect free money in the future. On the other hand, saying no might lead to resentment.

GravyStack offers a third solution: giving children the skills to earn and manage their own money.

It is more than just a debit card for kids and is better than an allowance. This app breaks down the simplicity of money, from saving to spending, and combines innovative banking technology with 100 games to make it fun for kids to learn.

Co-founders Scott and Travis have raised a $5.2 million seed round led by Altrus Capital and a pool of private investors to launch this upcoming app.

We are incredibly proud to share some of our investors, who are all parents and range from accomplished authors to entrepreneurs.

A word from a few of our investors…

“I love GravyStack because I want every single child to be financially literate.”

-David Meltzer

Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, bestselling author, speaker, and podcast host

“I highly recommend you check out GravyStack for yourself and your kids. It’s the best tool that I’ve found to teach my 6 children how to be financially literate and successful without going through all the headaches and the hassles that I had to.

-Seth Spears

Founder of Spears Marketing

“I think it’s just a phenomenal way for everybody to teach their kids how to govern their finances and how to thrive and survive through this crazy inflationary period. I recommend it to anybody. I’m excited that I joined the GravyStack team.”

Mark Lachance

Entrepreneur, author, and CEO of Maxy Media Inc.

“We’re helping kids have fun, earn money, and get ahead. And so it is much more than a debit card for kids.”

-Chad Willardson

Author of “Smart, Not Spoiled”

Other investors include…

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To learn more about this exciting app, read this article about our mission and team.

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