The who, what, and why behind our kids finance app

GravyStack, the best educational app for kids and teens, was created to develop resilient young people who are empowered not only to make money but also to make money matter.

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The GravyStack Story: How we became a top financial literacy game

DID YOU KNOW: 76% of young adults can't pass a basic financial literacy test?

Three out of four high school grads will be in debt within a year and don't know how to do real-life financial tasks like opening a bank account, buying or leasing a car, or budgeting for groceries. Financial literacy for high school students is at an all-time low.

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Without GravyStack... With GravyStack...

37% of parents who give an allowance essentially let their kids borrow against it, training them to use borrowing and debt financing. GravyStack families love the freedom and results that our customizable financial roadmap provides.
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Only 50% of parents who provide an allowance make their kids save a portion of it. With GravyStack, kids never ask for money from their parents. They offer to earn it!
Allowance is a broken system. The right financial education can fix it.
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66% of families still pay an allowance even if the agreed-upon chores don't get done. Home Gigs make sure to tie every dollar earned to a specific valuable action your kid has completed.
Why are parents still providing an allowance? Build values, responsibility, & self-motivation.
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Is what we're describing similar to your experience? Let's fix the situation together.

Are you ready to change your child's financial future? Do you want to improve their financial competency and responsibility?

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Our Mission

To create 50 million financially competent kids ready to succeed in the real world.

Meet Scott Our Story

Meet Scott Donnell, founder of GravyStack, the cashflow game for kids

Hey! I'm Scott, one of the founders of GravyStack, along with a bunch of other parents who care about financial literacy for their kids and teens. I'm also a husband and father of four children. We created GravyStack because young people don’t learn enough about money before they leave the nest, and this has a drastic effect on the rest of their lives.

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Reviews and Ratings

    Jace W. (11)
    I learned that all my money goes somewhere. GravyStack helps me see it move and helps me make changes to help me reach my goals.
    Tyler P. (14)
    I learned about setting up my jars ahead of time. I like to put everything in my savings and then only move to my debit card when I need it.
    Kaeden L. (12)
    I have learned that you've gotta save some things, like money, I relearn that with every game. There are some things that I need vs don't need.
    Lucy P. (8)
    I loved asking dad questions about subscriptions.

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