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Frequently Asked Questions (Parents and Guardians)

What is GravyStack?

  • GravyStack is a banking app that plays like a game. It harnesses the power of play to teach children how to earn, save, invest, and share money. It is a tool families can use to help kids learn how to properly manage money, and step into the world of personal finance with confidence.

What financial lessons does GravyStack teach?

  • Kids and teens earn the basics of saving, earning, sharing, spending, and investing. But we don't stop there! They also go on to master cyber security (protection), borrowing safely to support your dreams, building a life based on finding their sweet spot where true joy in the task meets income (create), character traits, life skills, and more!

Can parents see what their kids are doing in the app?

  • Using the “play as kid” feature, parents can log in to see all areas of the app that their kid sees without needing to re-enter the kid’s login credentials.

How old do you have to be to use the app?

  • Banking features are available to kids ages 8-18, but we encourage families to use GravyStack’s free game learning for kids whenever they feel their child is ready.

Why does the app ask for my social security number and photo ID?

  • The banking features of the GravyStack app depend on the creation of new bank accounts for the parent/guardian with our verified banking partner. Like any other bank, they need to verify your identity before they allow you to open an account. We do not ask for ID verification for any kids you add.

Do I have to sign up for a new bank account?

  • Some of GravyStack’s most impactful and fun features require money transfers and for multiple GravyStack accounts to be connected to a secure and verified bank account. Deposit accounts, debit cards and related banking services are provided by Synapse Financial Technologies, Inc.’s program bank partners, a list of which can be found at See your applicable deposit account agreement for details.

How many kids can I add to one Guardian account?

  • Each Guardian account can host up to 5 kids each with their own Money Machine™, Share Jar, Spend Jar, and Save Jar

Can you make savings goals in the GravyStack app?

  • Yes! Every kid account has a Save Jar where Quick and Big Goals are set. Once a goal is achieved, the kid gets to celebrate their achievement and unlock that money, releasing it for their goal or rolling it into a larger Big Goal.

What is a Quick Goal?

  • A Quick Goal is the first savings goal your kid will make inside the app. We suggest that this is something under $250 and /or something they can save up for in under 2 months

What is a Big Goal?

  • A Big Goal is unlocked once your kid achieves their first Quick Goal, This can be something that cost more or is a longer term savings goal, such as books for college, a trip with friends, or a more expensive gadget.

How does my kid earn money with GravyStack?

  • Home Gigs as part of our 3 E's framework help create an in-home economy where kids earn money by completing value-add activities within the home. This allows parents to invest in their child's education rather than just handing out money via allowance, and creates a safe environment for kids to begin learning how money really works.

What is an Action Gig?

  • Action Gigs help kids create value by doing a task or completing an activity that is valuable to their community.

What is a Brain Gig?

  • Brain Gigs help kids create value within themselves that is so valuable their community is willing to financially support their growth.

The Three E's:

  • Expectations - The list of activities each family member is expected to complete as a member of a family. These activities are not paid.
  • Expenses - Those extra items that parents "used to" pay for on behalf of their kids (Ex: birthday presents for all their friends, the large popcorn on family movie night, extra gadgets for fun). Families take stock of these extras and decide as a group that parents are no longer responsible for these things. Kids are. This frees money up for parents to reinvest in their kids financial education by offering Home Gigs for Extra Pay that the kids can complete to earn funds to pay for all their "expenses"
  • Extra Pay - Money kids earn by completing Home Gigs around the house exchanging value for income. This is the beginning of their education on finances. With their own earned money in hand they can begin managing money and experiencing the pride in successful money management, and learn important lessons along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (Kids and Teens)

What is Windfall™?

  • Windfall is the world in which you’ll learn about financial literacy through the power of play. Each level has its own unique Windfall Guardian to help kids learn a new area of financial independence.

What are Missions?

  • Missions are what we call the games in each level that teach kids and teens about that level’s financial topic. They can be a mini-game or an In Real Life (IRL) scenario that helps kids understand personal finance. Each level has 10 Missions to complete.

What are Grits?

  • Grits are in-game currency that you earn by completing Missions. Play the game over and see if you can max out the Grits earned! Grits are separate from real money earned by completing Gigs.

How do I make money with this?

  • Your parent/guardian can send Action Gigs and Brain Gigs to you and reward you for completion with cash.

  • You can request Action or Brain Gigs from your parent/guardian and name your price!

Do I get a debit card?

  • Kids ages 8-18 added to a parent/guardian banking plan membership will receive a debit card with their name on it.

  • The debit card connects to each kid's Spend Jar. This means kids and teens have financial freedom to spend the money they earned on their own terms without risking ruining savings goals or sharing to charity goals.

  • It is easy to turn the debit card on and off in the app, just in case it is misplaced.

How does this automate my money management?

  • All kids and teens with banking are given 4 bank accounts: Money Machine™, Save, Spend, and Share accounts.

  • Money earned from Gigs flows through your Money Machine™ and into your Jars. You have control over the percentages and will choose how much to Save, Spend, and Share.

  • The Save Jar is where the funds for your Quick and Big goals are saved until you’ve reached your goal!

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